Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beg for it (reprinted)

"Beg for it"
"Please" she whispers, "Please..."
"Please what?"
"Take me in the other room"
"Tie me down"
"have your way with me"
"I can't hear you"
"Tie me down and tease me" she pleads louder
"Go. Now. Prepare yourself"

She awaits him
prepare myself?
she waits,
perched on the edge of the bed

He enters
places his hand on her chest
in the spot
the spot that to them means he loves her
the spot that means he protects her
the spot that means he owns her
pushes her back
positions her

"spread out"
"Center yourself"
"No. Down farther"
she offers up the left ankle
the strap wraps
wraps again
right side
she struggles
dutifully demonstrating slack
he tightens
pleased that she wants to please him

"Arms out"
she frowns a bit
they both know
it will drive her by the end
to the edge
possibly over the edge
of panic
in the end

left wrist

right wrapped
he stands back to admire his work
a blindfold

she pushes away
the alarm clanging in her head
ordering her to put a stop to
this nonsense
and suddenly


The side of the bed dips down
he's beside her
warm breath in her ear
right hand on her chest

"Beg for it"

Monday, August 15, 2011

I need...

I need You to pull me in with that soft kiss 
and gentle caress.
Lure me down with Your hand in my hair
and that particular touch of infinite care.

I need You to
unleash Yourself on me and set the Beast free.
Take me to my knees
make me
whatever You want me to be.
Push me over the edge and into the abyss
with Your raging kiss.
Down that road through blood sweat and years
Far beyond my fears
washing them away with my tears.

I need You to momentarily
rip away my humanity
to strip away the superficial.
to bury Yourself in my body
and roam through my mind.

I need You to flow through my soul
tearing away all thought and everything I am not.
Force me to my knees and smile quietly in the face of my screams
as I rest at your feet.

Take me outside of the lines
where the only word I hear is "mine"
where we exist
outside of time.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday (belated) to Some Sub Text

One year ago yesterday -- I started Some Sub Text

as a place to post some poetry -- to share it with those who want to read it -- and have a place where you can post as well

and we've had some amazing contributors

if you want to post a poem?

Just email me at yourpeacefulone@gmail.com

until then?

thank you for reading
and for writing


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cease to Bleed -- by Mockingbird

It's like being fucked on a bed of glass
When you treat me like a piece of ass
The shards dig deeper with every thrust
Until they disappear

Later all the strangers say
A lonely thing, a little plain
I wonder if I'll be whole again
I wonder if I'll cease to bleed

Fuck me on your bed of glass
Treat me like a piece of ass
Their hurtful words dig ever deeper
Until they disappear

His breath upon my ear, fingers in my hair
And he says: I wonder if you'll cease to bleed
My lonely bird, just ride the pain

(Want to read more about Mockingbird? Check out her blog at: http://mockingbird-peripeteia.blogspot.com/ )

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Your beating heart

Lay me out on Your bed
with my head on your shoulder
the years are flying by and we are getting older.
Just let me lie here 
listening to the beating of your heart
the most beautiful sound in the dark
as your chest rises and falls with your breath
life itself signals an imminent death.
Just let me lay here forever
feeling you breath
I never want to leave.
With my head on your shoulder
hearing your beating heart
a beacon in the dark.

In some place
where I am You
and You are me
where each other is all we see
You are all I need
everything I believe in.

Just give me forever
the sound of your beating heart
here in the dark.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I want

I want
go back
and be
what we were
what we are
from becoming

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bent but not broken

To bend but not break
to find out what exactly I can take
to be in that space where nothing is fake.
 Just You and me
completely open and free.

Taking a leap of faith into the familiar unknown
where I am property and You are owner.
Dive off the edge and hope to land
on that invisible bridge
as we play at the edges of reality
where what is will be
and together we are forever free.

Bent but not broken
kneeling at Your feet
waiting to hear those three little words
"you please me."

The mark of Your lips on my head
as lines burn tracks across my body
traced by Your fingertips
as You outline my soul
making me complete and whole.

No longer afraid of the words unspoken
I am...
bent but not broken.